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We all carry a bunch of keys with us. We have keys for our homes, for our cabinets, our cars - the list is endless. Keys are easily to lose or misplace, and are subject to regular wear and tear like every other material item. It’s always a good idea to have a backup key in place for such a scenario. You can also hand duplicate keys to friends or family for safekeeping, or if you want them to have access to your home in your absence. City Locksmith Services is a professional locksmith that has been active in the Cincinnati, OH area for many years - we provide key duplication services that you can trust. 

The ‘key’ to key duplication:

These days, keys tend to be works of art that have to be crafted exactly right to get them to fit into locks. Modern locksmiths use cutting-edge machinery for key duplication. City Locksmith Services has a fleet of mobile locksmith vans that are fitted with these machines. Our vans travel all over Cincinnati, OH to provide locksmithing services to residents of the community. With other locksmiths, you may have to leave your keys behind and wait for hours at a time to get duplicate keys. City Locksmith Services, because of its mobile locksmith units, is able to handle key cutting onsite. We can have duplicate keys made for you in a matter of minutes, most of the time. 

Get a duplicate key made in short time:

No matter what kind of key you need duplicated, City Locksmith Services can do it for you. Here are some of the most common kind of keys we duplicate:City Locksmith Services Cincinnati, OH 513-988-4015

  • Car door keys
  • Car ignition keys
  • Keys for high-security locks
  • Laser-cut keys
  • Transponder car keys
  • Master keys
  • Keys for pin and tumbler locks
  • Keys for knob locks
  • Keys for lever locks
  • Paracentric keys
  • Zeiss keys
  • Digital keys

Why does key duplication needs to be handled by professionals?

It takes a lot of skill to craft a duplicate key perfectly. A misaligned key can damage your lock or break inside it. You need a well-trained expert to handle key duplication for you. City Locksmith Services locksmiths are experienced professionals, and we also double check your keys before handing them to you to iron out any kinks in the design. 

Call us now on 513-988-4015 and we’ll send a team over to you within the hour!